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Welcome to Dave's Coins! My name is David Enders and I've made a passion and a business of selling collectible coins for almost two decades now. Being a collector myself since a youngster, I decided to pursue a dream of mine and I went and made my hobby into a business. I love working with coins, collecting them, appreciating them, and sharing their value and significance with my friends and family. I realized years ago that the best way to do this would be to have my own business so that I could share these coins with the world and so that future generations could appreciate these American treasures.

My business is family owned and operated as I always intended it to be. Coins are personal to me, and I wanted to keep the business close and personal too. My wife and my son work with me in the business, as do a few other staff that are all close friends. I feel that our adherence to a small, tight knit group keeps our business something special and something unique. We really put a lot of care into our work and into our attention to the coins, and we have a good time doing it too!

When we first opened for business, we started selling coins on eBay, and everything took off from there. We still to this day have a very active eBay presence. Now our online store has surpassed eBay and offers even a larger selection with great prices.

My dream for this business was to keep it a family game, to keep it about the coins, and to spread the love of coin collecting. As these are our values, we set very high standards for how we do business. We excel at getting your order to you quickly and efficiently and we ship everything either the same day it is purchased or the next business day.

We take really great care with the coins that we sell, as their condition and their appearance are the most important things about them. We handle our coins with care. We store them in protective cases and packaging, and we ship them in protected packages. Coins from us are well cared for and appreciated from the moment they come to us till the moment they arrive in your hands.

We've made a great name for ourselves on eBay with over 534,000 transactions and 100% positive feedback, and we strive to have the best customer satisfaction with our coins possible. I'd love to help you with any purchase you'd like to make, and I hope you'll join our group of tens of thousands of happy customers.

If you'd like, you can contact me personally if you have any questions about an item, any special requests, or just want to talk about coins.

My email address is:

You can also reach us by phone too at:


Should you need it, our mailing address is:

David Enders
PO Box 508
Athens, MI 49011

I hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and that we can help connect you with the coin (or coins) of your dreams today!


David Enders