10 Round Coin Tubes Cent Penny Size DuraClear Unbreakable Made in USA

$5.95 $4.61
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  • DuraClear Brand by Edgar Marcus & Co.
  • Each Tube Holds 50 Small Pennies/Cents
  • Impact Resistant Plastic
  • Screw on Lids
  • Lot of 10 Tubes
  • Safe for Coins
  • Made in USA

These tubes are DuraClear brand (Edgar Marcus & Co.) and are manufactured here in the USA. They are made of a durable, high quality plastic that is difficult to break. Each tube has a clear, screw-on cap.

Also be aware that, while the tubes are brand new and have never been used, they often have imperfections (slight scrapes and scratches) resulting from the manufacturing and packing process.