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About Daves Collectible Coins

Hello, my name is David Enders and I have been selling coins online to collectors since 2003. Having experience as a collector myself and enjoying working with coins I got the idea of trying to make a living by selling coins and here we are today.
We started out on eBay where we are still very active today with over 3,000 coin items available there as well as the exact same items here at our website. If you saw it on eBay it is here as well in nearly all cases.
With a feedback rating on eBay of over 68,000 I think it shows we do a fairly good job overall with the coins and descriptions. We are selling about 1,000 items weekly at this time so bear with us if we are out of a particular item, we will probably get more in soon.

You can contact us by email (preferred):

Phone: 269-742-4716

Or our mailing address is:
David Enders
PO Box 508
Athens MI 49011

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